What is Kamut® ?

Kamut® (Khorasan wheat) means both “bread” and “soul of the earth”. Khorasan wheat is a cereal belonging to the Poaceas family and more particularly to the Triticum (wheat) kind. It is considered the durum wheat’s ancestor, a counterpart to organic agriculture.

Khorasan wheat is cultivated in the United States and in Canada, globally commercialized under the Kamut® brand. This commercial trademark guaranties it’s a non-hybrid wheat, grown following the rules of organic agriculture. Kamut® wheat is a variety where the grains are three times larger than durum wheat. Each stem is formed of large, long and irregular grains.

Kamut® is a cereal that contains high nutritional value, offering 359 calories to 100g. It provides 20% to 40% more protein compared to wheat, hence a superior proportion of essential amino acids and non-saturated fatty acids. In addition, it’s high content in selenium helps to prevent the formation of free radicals and the onset of cardio-vascular illnesses. Kamut® also contains a high account of zinc and magnesium, which increases energy levels. In conclusion, with a high content of carbohydrates, lipids and potassium, it offers a great nutritional value.